Research Update

Research update Autumn 2017

Research is now focused on Oflag XII B at Hadamar and it evacuation eastwards in March 1945. And of course still interested in POW ID cards and other camp paperwork.



Liberation Questionnaires

1,700 Liberation Questionnaires are now in the database. The numbers are in line with MI9’s estimate of the percentages received in 1945.

1,000 up

Now a 1,000 liberation questionnaires in the database, roughly 20% of the total of 1st Airborne, but far less a percentage the total British POWs captured, since the Glider Pilot Regiment and 4 Dorsets also suffered equally severe losses.

Stalag XI B Fallingbostel records

Starting to allocate Arnhem POWs to arbeitskommandos using Fallingbostel records.

Research priority Autumn 2012

I am looking for copies of the first post cards sent home by Arnhem POWs from each camp that they were held in. Most valuable are men with cards sent from their Dulag (usually Stalag XIB or Stalag XIIA) and ones sent from their permanent camps. It is the address side that has the key data.

The information required is ringed in red.


Research priorities Summer 2012

The current priorities are:

  • to understand the German procedures for handling the unexpected arrival of a large number of POWs
  • how this affected the prisoners experiences immediately after capture and up to their arrival at the main reception camps
  • to relate the captures to the various stages of the battle.

I would be pleased to get in touch with veterans or their families about their experiences.


Arnhem POWs

Research into the experience of the officers and men of 1 Airborne Division taken prisoner in September 1944.